Ignite a Passion for Creation: Design & Technology Teacher Opportunity at a top Redbridge School

  • Ilford
  • Wayman Learning Trust
Write a short description of your company, a boilerplate of the business, service or product that you offer. Include your business idea and the target audience. This text is primarily supposed to be descriptive, not selling. An outstanding Redbridge school  is seeking a dedicated and enthusiastic Design & Technology (DT) Teacher (QTS) to join their thriving department. This is an exceptional opportunity to ignite a love of design thinking, problem-solving, and practical skills in young learners, all within a supportive and collaborative environment. Here's what sets us apart: Outstanding Education: Contribute to a school recognized for its academic excellence and fostering a culture of creativity and innovation. Empowering Young Minds: Develop engaging and hands-on lessons that challenge students to design, create, and innovate using a variety of materials and technologies. Cutting-Edge Resources: Collaborate with a dedicated team in a well-equipped DT department that prioritizes your professional growth. Development Opportunities: Access excellent resources and ongoing professional development to stay at the forefront of DT education. Rewarding Career: Make a real difference in young lives while enjoying a competitive salary and benefits package in a vibrant and diverse community. The Role: Full-time, permanent position starting September 2024 (or sooner if possible). Teach Design & Technology at [GCSE or A-Level] level (please specify in your application). Cultivate a dynamic and inclusive learning environment where all students are encouraged to experiment, explore their creativity, and reach their full potential in DT. Develop and deliver a stimulating and thought-provoking DT curriculum that equips students with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the ever-evolving world of design and technology. We're Looking For: A qualified Design and Technology Teacher (QTS) with a passion for inspiring young people. Experience teaching DT at the specified level is preferred, but we welcome applications from enthusiastic Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT) as well. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to connect with students from diverse backgrounds. A commitment to fostering creativity, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and a love of learning through practical application. The ability to create a safe and stimulating learning environment that incorporates a variety of teaching methods and technologies. How to Apply: If you are a passionate and dedicated educator who thrives in a high-performing environment, please submit your CV and a covering letter outlining your suitability for the role. We look forward to hearing from you! Join us and be a part of shaping the future generation of designers and innovators!