Bike Courier - Liverpool

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Hello Liverpool

We’re looking for Couriers to deliver great food across the city

About the salary as a Bike Courier - Liverpool at Just Eat

  • You can earn up to £9.50 per hour as a base hourly rate
  • An order bonus of £1.5 per accepted order, if you work daily between 5pm - 10 pm, and £2 per order for late peak times on Fri-Sun from 10pm-12pm.

As a Courier you can deliver in two ways

On your own wheels : start driving from a ‘Kick-off point’ and use your own bike or moped. We'll pay an allowance to cover wear and tear and we'll also cover you with our Hire and Reward insurance bolt-on.

On our wheels : start from the 'Hub' (our office location) and use our e-bikes and mopeds.

The benefits :

  • A guaranteed salary with a fixed hourly rate, regardless of how many deliveries you make
  • Free Hire and Reward insurance cover, paid holiday, and pension contributions
  • The chance to make friends and be part of an award winning team
  • A range of shift patterns to fit your lifestyle during the week or on the weekend.

What do I need?

No prior delivery experience needed. You need to be 18 or over and to ride a Moped, you need a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) certification.